I love DR. GOBAC® products. They have improved my skin’s texture and complexion and the fact that the range is proudly South African is an added bonus

Rolanda Marais

‘I have been recommending DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS  products to my patients and clients for about two years now and they are finally getting the idea that the cosmetics they had been using and paying a lot for are exactly just that – cosmetics.

Now they are seeing the excellent results that Cosmeceutical products have to offer.

In my practice and my salons, I use DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS products after micro needling and Carboxytherapy and I certainly achieve enhanced results because of them!

Each year I hope to get one good thing out of the industry’s trade fairs.

This does not always happen but thankfully, that is exactly how I stumbled upon Dr. Gobac and his wonderful team.’

Dr Jeanette McLoughlin

So this might seem a bit weird but I am about to write an entire blog post about sunscreen – not the Baz Luhrmann song (although that song does supply a few great life lessons) but rather the stuff you put on your face to keep it safe from the harmful rays of the mean and malicious sun. You may or may not know that I have been on an epic journey to find the very best sunscreen for my face and while I have found some pretty awesome products nothing quite beats today’s find. You see, I am super fussy when it comes to sunscreen – I can’t stand anything that makes my skin feel sticky or that dries it out, and I loathe products that are too thick and that mockingly offer you anything less than SPF 20. Which is why I fell head over heels in love with the sunscreen from Cosmeceutical brand Dr. Gobac! Here’s how our epic romance started. Read the full review HERE.

Joburg's Darling

When I started BELLOSA SKINCARE PROFESSIONALS,  I wanted to work with a new range, something fresh and exiting with good results.

Working with several ranges over the years, I was pleasantly surprised when I was introduced to the DR. GOBAC range.  Very focused on ingredients, I was surprised that the range was filled with Peptides, Retinyl Palmitate and Hydrolysed Elastin.  Substances that are essential for optimal results.

Having my first day of training and working with the product, I not only loved the texture of the products but the fact that it didn’t have any fragrance made the products smell clean, medical and fresh.

Looking for a product to work with, I wanted something that allows time for relaxation during the facial as well as giving the best results.  Most medical facials are not relaxing, so I wanted to be able to add relaxation into the facial and with DR. GOBAC this was possible. Your will find that our daily clients are stressed and not only do they need to get away and relax they want to have results at the same time.  Stress also takes its toll on the skin.  So why not give your clients the best of both worlds.

The moment my client stood up from the bed, I could see a visible difference from before the facial and afterwards.  I was sold on the product!!

What I like about the product is that it’s easy for the consumer to use.  The range is basic with no added extras like toners etc.  Today our lives are so rushed and we do not always have time to spend hours on our daily routine.  DR. GOBAC is quick and easy to use with great results.

After using the product myself I found my skin to be more smooth, less congested and stronger than before.  Having had a very sensitive skin, my skin was weak with a few broken capillaries and it used to react quickly with any product.  I could use the range with comfort and no irritation.  I always said that if you do not believe in a range you will never be able to sell the range.  Now several months after working with DR. GOBAC I will never look back.

Sanel De Villiers (owner)

Bellosa Skincare Professionals

Sanel De Villiers

Samantha  Summerscales  is currently a South African Triathlete and Duathlete.

Her triathlon career started in July 2013 after she completed the Comrades Marathon and she has grown from strength to strength, claiming victory in her age group in almost all races in which she has participated.

Samantha’s training schedule consists of 20-25 hours a week of strenuous activities which include gym work and the three disciplines of: swim, bike and run. With the amount of time that she is exposed to sunlight and swimming pool chemicals, this demanding sport can have a detrimental effect on her skin.

Samantha is a huge supporter of DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS products.

She says:

“I absolutely love my DR. GOBAC skincare products. I have such soft, clear skin all the time. I use my REGENERATING SERUM and STARTER CREAM every morning and evening as well as after swims. The SUNSCREEN SPF 25 is by far the winner.

I have not had sunburnt skin on my face or neck since I started using DR. GOBAC.

The product is concentrated and long lasting even for strenuous sporting events such as the half Ironman distance event.”

‘I am so grateful to Dr Gobac for introducing me to this excellent product range’

Samantha Summerscales

‘I love the DR. GOBAC skin care range just as it is. At first I missed the toner and eye cream but to be honest, this range doesn’t need it.’


‘I’ve been using DR. GOBAC products for more than a year now and I love the products that are available in his range.’

M v W

‘I have only got the wash, spot cream & starter cream and it has done WONDERS for my skin, I use everything daily and will definitely be replenishing my stock when it runs out, I have finally found something that WORKS for me and will probably use it for ever….

I am so glad I found out about DR. GOBAC Cosmeceuticals!!!

I have already recommended it to others. THANK YOU!!!’


DR. GOBAC® products have truly impressed me. I am 43 years old and believe in investing in my skin and overall health.


I would like to thank you and your team for the past two months of treatments and DR. GOBAC® products. I was a bit reluctant at first, but can definitely see a difference in my skin. It is not as oily as it used to be and it is definitely smoother too. The product does work.

Kind regards

Grant Muller

South African Professional Golfer

Grant Muller

I am a 45 year old Swedish woman who have tried out a lot of different skin products during my life. I got in contact with Dr Gobac’s products when I received some test products from my dear friend from Croatia and since then I cannot be without them!

Carina Nordlander

I find the DR. GOBAC Creams nice and light and the non-greasy formula is essential for our warm climate. My skin usually looks fatigued but after using DR. GOBAC for a few days my skin looks brighter and my features appear more relaxed with less pronounced wrinkles.
I like the fact that the brand is aimed at a very broad segment of customers, from young people up to the mature ones.

D P - from Spain

Comments of a lady after 10 days of using Vitamin A and Starter Cream

I have already started to notice a clear improvement after 10 days of use.
The most obvious evidence is the luminosity of my skin, and the perfect moisturizing of my skin. Another advantage is the easy use of the creams. The texture of the product is very nice and has no smell – this is very important to me. I have tried many products on the market and the value of DR. GOBAC products is very good.

D Q - from Spain

Since using DR. GOBAC products my skin feels firmer, more hydrated, with more elasticity than ever. My skin looks bright and healthy. It is clearly seen that the product is rebuilding or rather awakening the cells in my skin. Literally, you become ‘addicted’ because you have the feeling that it really works.
In general terms: I am delighted with DR. GOBAC products – they are wonderful – the quality is outstanding.

Deniza Puce - from Spain


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