DR. GOBAC® ADVANCED ANTI-AGEING – Activating the ‘miracle’ work of stem cells

DR. GOBAC® BIORESTORE is a complex compound of selected amino acids, polypeptides and potent plant extracts, which target and diminish deep wrinkles and expression lines. This hi-tech product provides unique protection to Epidermal Stem Cells, increasing stem cell longevity, limiting the formation of wrinkles and lines and stimulating growth and quality of the epidermis. Activated ‘time proteins’ retard and reverse signs of ageing while maintaining healthy physiology of the skin by eliminating toxins and free radicals. The slow releasing cocktail of antioxidants and active ingredients encourages the plaiting of new collagen and elastin strands which are beneficial for scarring, imperfections, thinning skin, dark circles and broken capillaries. The volumizing, detoxing and firming properties in BIORESTORE result in a restructured, redefined and more youthful look.

Directions for use: Apply a small amount of BIORESTORE cream over the face and neck area, targeting deep wrinkles, dark circles, discolorations or any other imperfections in need of special attention. For maximum effect start with DR. GOBAC® REGENERATING SERUM or VITAMIN A SERUM, followed by BIORESTORE and finish with DAY BALANCE CREAM or NIGHT LIFT.

DR GOBAC® BIORESTORE NEEDLE-FREE: The modern treatment of choice for anti-ageing benefits:



This Scientifically Advanced Transdermal Serum contains dermo-intelligent compounds and stem cell activators which increase the production of youth-enhancing collagen and elastin, visibly volumizing facial features within just 14 days. The perfect non-surgical solution by DR GOBAC®

Directions for use: Apply half a drop of DR GOBAC® BIORESTORE NEEDLE FREE to areas of concern eg around eyes, mouth, smile lines etc. This potent serum is the perfect non-surgical solution to more lifted and voluminous younger-looking skin. Apply morning & evening under DR GOBAC® DAY BALANCE CREAM or DR GOBAC® NIGHT LIFT. Use the original DR GOBAC ®BIORESTORE on all other areas of concern


New Generation skin lightening for a brighter complexion DR. GOBAC® LIGHTEN effectively targets unwanted pigmentation.  The complex formulation of active ingredients and Botanical extracts contained in LIGHTEN have a strong anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and are known to reduce pigmentation. This gentle treatment is highly effective, safe for long term use and safe to use during pregnancy.

Directions for use: Apply an even layer of LIGHTEN over the affected area in the morning and at night onto cleaned and dried skin. Massage thoroughly until cream is absorbed completely. Follow with REGENERATING SERUM or VITAMIN A SERUM and DAY BALANCE CREAM in the morning or NIGHT LIFT in the evening. Avoid sun exposure and use DR. GOBAC® FACIAL SUNSCREEN SPF 25.

Calming, Clearing and Healing DR. GOBAC® SPOT TX is an antibacterial clearing treatment that regulates sebum production while reducing blemishes and calming inflammation. The Botanical ingredients in SPOT TX have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. SPOT TX accelerates healing, targets and controls excess oil production and helps prevent scarring.
Directions for use: Cleanse thoroughly. Apply DR. GOBAC® SPOT TREATMENT directly onto the problem area. Allow a few minutes for the product to absorb and then follow with the rest of your skincare routine. Use morning and night.


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