ONE drop is all you need to achieve radiant, healthy skin!

DR GOBAC® recommends a 3-phase approach to ensure that you achieve the best possible results from this Scientifically Advanced Cosmeceutical Range.

The products recommended for use in Phase One prepare the skin for the more advanced activity of the DR GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS line. DR GOBAC® STARTER CREAM is a 2-in-1 day and night cream which activates all functions in the skin, kick-starting the skin’s natural repair and regeneration processes. Once the skin is accustomed to the active ingredients in the DR GOBAC® STARTER CREAM, one can progress to Phase Two, and then on to Phase Three.

31 DR GOBAC® YOUTH range for ages 10 – 18 years


DR GOBAC® TX range for troubled skin – all ages

Three simple steps to your healthy, glowing skin!

Cleanser or Wash – morning and evening

Starter Cream – morning and evening

Cleanser or Wash – morning and evening

Regenerating Serum – 1x or 2x daily
Day Balance – morning
Night Lift – evening

Cleanser or Wash – morning and evening

Vitamin A Serum – 1x or 2x daily
Biorestore – 1x or 2x daily
Day Balance – morning
Night Lift –  evening
Biorestore Needle-Free – 1x or 2x daily

You may use the following products in any phase:

  • Spot Tx – morning and night to heal breakouts
  • Exfoliating Masque – 1x or 2x per week to remove dead skin cells
  • Lighten – morning and night on clean skin to target pigmentation
  • Facial Sunscreen SPF25 – morning


Cosmeceutical  products contain key active ingredients in high enough concentrations to effect positive changes in the skin. These active ingredients penetrate into the deeper levels of the skin and act on the skin’s cellular structure, stimulating the production of healthy collagen. They are stronger than cosmetic grade products, but they do not require a medical prescription to dispense.  A skin analysis and consultation with a therapist is recommended to address skin concerns and conditions before using a Cosmeceutical product. Cosmetic products work on a superficial level. They do not delay the skin’s ageing process as they work only in the uppermost layer of the epidermis.

When using a Cosmeceutical product for the first time, a few people may experience some visible changes such as: increased sensitivity; breakouts or congestion; increased oiliness, or increased dryness or flakiness. These symptoms form part of a natural interim phase on your journey to beautiful, healthy skin. This is temporary and should last no longer than 4-6 weeks.

Please note: it is important to continue using the recommended products in order to normalise the skin’s structure and function. These changes may occur due to the introduction of specific active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.


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